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Our Story


Our Story

Graceful District wasn’t born when we got our manufacturers, or finalized our design patterns or even when our first transaction cleared. Our story started in a split second in 1991 with the exchange of an ordinary dollar bill.

I was just a bit older than our son is now, seven and a half years old; the child of an immigrant family. Arriving in Los Angeles, I didn’t know or understand much at the time, but remember vividly the day my grandfather purchased a small toy for me with the last dollar in his pocket. The dollar was the change given by the grocery store cashier from his purchase of a few loaves of bread, salami and some cheese. Looking at the remaining dollar twice he said “this is the last dollar our family has. Can you give me something for my grandson?” At that moment his humility and selfless demonstration of love and care became the guide I’ve lived my life by.
Over the years, my wife and I would sit at our kitchen table spending hours reliving dozens of past encounters and examples of our families determination and sacrifice in hopes of giving us a chance to access opportunities they never had. Their pursuit of a dream that had no guarantee. Humbled and inspired, we knew we wanted to honor their legacy and leave a footprint for our children to follow.

At the time, we had no idea how it would come together. We weren’t sure how it would take shape, but we knew what we wanted. To build a brand founded on the principles they set for us: caring for the resources that have been given to you and passing that way of living on to those that come after you. Never underestimating the essentials and the basics of life and celebrating the story of where you’ve come from.
Giving their legacy of humility and generosity new life, Graceful District is committed to only working with eco-friendly fabrics and small batch manufacturing that protects our planet and minimizes our environmental impact. Focusing on simplicity, we offer a collection of foundational pieces meant to last beyond trends or single season with every garment designed and made in Los Angeles, California where our story first began.

Starting with only a hope of what was one day to come after years of planning, this dream has suddenly become real. Our journey is long ahead and never ending. Thank you for joining us.

Graceful District Family